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Aiyana is holding her two young children's’ hands as they walk across the sand to the water’s edge on a bright morning. Both kids dive into an oncoming wave and frolic in the warm water. Suddenly, all three get sucked under the water by a strong riptide. Seemly out of...

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Ever Victorious

“EVER VICTORIOUS” is the story of an idealistic military leader hailed as a genius for his ability to get the best from his soldiers and to artfully work with many of the most powerful international military and political leaders of his era. Through the many glorious...

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Colonial Philadelphia. The turbulent American War for Independence. 14,000 soldiers march up South Street – Redcoats, Dragoons, Hessians – to fife and drum and Loyalist cheers, in columns four abreast and over 10 blocks long. Lydia Darragh, midwife, devout Quaker,...

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